Our Clients Speak

I was directed to Beacon Point in 2013 as I was about to turn 65 and needed help with the dreaded search for decisions about Medicare supplemental/prescription drug insurance.  They were able to direct me to the ones that best fit my medical history and prescription needs.  I was also thinking about changing from the insurance company that had insured my car and home for the last 40+ years.  I was ready to change and shared that information.  Beacon Point, again, looked at my history and advised me to go with Travelers Insurance which I did.  Late in June I caused a minor fender bender and called Beacon Point for direction.  They were very helpful in advising me of the steps to take and even called later that evening to check on my mental and physical condition.  I was, and still am, fine but I appreciated that special touch of reaching out.  The next day after filing the police report, they did a three way call with me as I talked to the claims adjuster at Travelers.  Travelers was very caring and courteous as we worked through the process assuring me that they would now take over everything and get me fixed up…..all I had to do was visit the body shop of my choice and get an estimate.  Even though I took copious notes, I received a postcard from Beacon Point with the pertinent information that Travelers had given me  Each step of the process from there on has been handled in a professional way with a big dose of personal attention.  I would recommend Beacon Point and Travelers Insurance very highly!
Cheryl Reynolds, Independence, MO

Travelers has been awesome so far. Heck of a lot better than Allstate. It was pretty painless. Around $11k in hail/wind damage. We got hit pretty hard to say the least. Gutters, window, and the roof. But, I’m pleased with them!!! I’ve passed on your number to a lot of my friends, so you may get busy!!!
Mike Curley, Kansas City, MO

We started working with Travis Gensler in the spring of 2007. He helped us update our home policy to include full replacement value – which ended up being just what we needed and with good, though unfortunate, timing. Our home was burglarized in June 2007. It was a horrible experience. Like in the movies when a house is just ransacked…that was our home. The emotion involved in the experience ranged from anger and violation to some relief. Relief because Travis helped us through the entire ordeal, and we had the coverage we needed for the damage and items stolen. Without the review and update of our policy, we would not have been covered well. So, with thanks and appreciation, I highly recommend working with Beacon Point Insurance.
Amber & Marc Dickensheets, Kansas City, MO

Day 6 of things that make me happy: When people take their time to engage in conversation and teach someone (me) that just doesn’t know where to begin with all the possible choices, especially when it’s for the benefit of your family. That’s happiness to me.

I so appreciate Travis’ ability to clarify my misunderstanding and answer my multitude of questions. ‪ #‎100happydays ‪#‎BeaconPoint ‪#‎Grateful
Susan Byrne, Raytown, MO

“What I liked about working with Travis is that we were not pressured into making a decision right away.  He provided us options to choose from, but also gave us his opinion on which one he felt was best for us and why.  It is nice to work with someone who is looking out for our best interest in the long-term.  We will never use anybody else.”

Andrew & Olivia Powell, Grain Valley, MO

“As a claims adjuster in the insurance industry, I work with many agents on a daily basis.  Out of all the agents I work with, I chose Travis Gensler to handle my protection because of his honesty and helpfulness.  He always goes above and way beyond what a normal agent does.”
Chris Loving, Trimble, MO

“I had talked to several other agents who were either not knowledgeable or did not take the time to explain my options to me.  We told Travis what we wanted to accomplish and he brought us several options to choose from, one of them was a solution we had not even thought about.  Travis was thorough and exceeded my expectations. He did an excellent job.”
Corey Bott, Lee’s Summit, MO

“My experience was and still is wonderful! Travis helped us reduce our monthly premium payments for insurance which allowed us to take the difference and start up a Roth IRA with him to save for our retirement.  That is not even to mention the other exclusive programs he has for us.
Josh Brown, Springfield, MO

“Being a new business owner, and not knowing what to do, I greatly appreciate the time and energy Travis put into helping me understand how the coverages worked for me and my business. It makes a difference when someone takes the time to do a thorough exam of ones needs.”
Brenton Brown – owner, Bootleggin BBQ, St Louis, MO

“Travis helped us with our insurance needs from across the country while we were setting up our company and relocating long distance. His assistance was invaluable in answering all of our questions and meeting our needs.”
Lauren Wendlandt, owner frameworkdesign, Kansas City, MO

“Travis was very helpful in explaining Medicare Supplemental Insurance to me. He was extremely expeditious in getting my policy in place. AND, he saved me a considerable amount of money over the premium I was being charged by my former insurer.”
Sandra Harper, Kansas City, KS

“Travis was great to work with. He answered all of our questions and didn’t pressure us to sign up with him. He gave us time to look over the materials and check with other companies to compare. I would recommend him in a heartbeat.”
Ed & Carol Roth, Windsor, MO

“What a great experience! I am a single older woman, old enough to be on Medicare but still working and HAD insurance at work. I was getting ready to lose my insurance at work, so being insurance ignorant, I needed to find someone who would be patient enough to help me find what I needed and could afford. I found him by looking in the phone book for an agent with my car insurance company with Medicare Insurance knowledge. He spent three hours with me that day, patiently going over every option in the country and matching it to my needs and financial ability. He answered all of my uneducated questions and finally helped me to choose the best plan for me and one that would take me through for the rest of my life. That wasn’t the end either. As I started through the government red tape of switching all the cards, paperwork and payment schedules I had more questions and, once again, he patiently walked me through all of that. I will hit January 1st on my feet and running smoothly.” ~
Pat Townsend, Kansas City, MO

“Thank You so much for helping us pick out our health insurance and prescription coverage after we retired.  I will get in touch with you if we need anything else. By the way, I have told several of my friends about you.  Thanks!”
Gerald and Garnett Rinehart, Grain Valley, MO

“Dear Travis – Thank you for all your help. I can’t believe you cut my premium in half. You’re awesome.”
Regards, Marie L., North Kansas City, MO

My friend and now Advisor, Travis Gensler just saved me almost $900 a year just on my auto!!!”
~Teresa Bardwell-Saenz, Topeka, KS

“Anyone interested in saving some money on home and auto insurance, give my friend Travis Gensler a call. I got quotes from several insurance companies and he beat them all!  He is very professional and took care of everything in just a matter of days.”
~April Brown, Independence, MO

The transition from old insurance company to Beacon Point was very smooth. My advisors are so nice and helpful with the questions I had and an added bonus is we are saving money on our policies. Thank you for being so kind and professional.
Alicia West, Joplin, MO

Our new company has to be the best company I have ever dealt with as far as claims. Only took 15 minutes for them to look at my car and give me a rental. Farmers still has not got a hold of their insured.”
M. Paxton, Overland Park, KS

I want to thank you for your assistance.  Travis I cannot express how much I appreciate you and the time you spend with your clients, always doing the right thing going above and beyond.  Job well done!
Tanya Peck, Independence, MO

Working with Charlie Harrison at Beacon Point was easy and enlightening.  Prior to working with Charlie our workers compensation insurance was just an annual renewal item on the checklist.  Charlie provided us with education and a better understanding of the process in determining our premium.  He was also able to get us several proposals which were significantly lower than our current policy.  I would recommend Charlie and Beacon Points’ Midwest CompAid process to anyone.
Anne Giangrosso, Office Manager
Northland Anesthesiology, Inc.

We had the pleasure of recently moving our personal insurance to Charlie Harrison at Beacon Point Insurance Group after being with a large group insurer for over 30 years.  We had forgotten how nice it is to be able to work with a reliable, friendly and knowledgeable agent that has our interests at heart.   I would recommend Charlie and his agency to all.
~John and Tamie Owen, Kansas City, MO

Really appreciate all you do to help with insurance. You save me a lot of money and help me understand my coverage.
~Carolyn Manzo, North Kansas City, MO

Travis & Staff – Thank you so much for all your help. May you and all your staff have a Very Merry Christmas and a very happy new year! I appreciate all your help and may God bless each and every one of you.
~Teresa Terrazas, Independence, MO

Thank you for the time you took with me last week working through my healthcare options. Your honest opinion about staying on my work option because it was better for me is greatly appreciated.
~Pam Barrett, Lee’s Summit, MO

Travis, this is long overdue. I just wanted to say thank you for helping me with my insurance from the Health Insurance Marketplace. I hope I don’t have problems next year. If I do, you will see me. Thanks! J

~Phyllis Monteer, Kansas City, MO

Thank you for helping my dad!!!
~Collin T Byrne, Raytown, MO

Thank you so much for all of your help with finalizing my health insurance.  It appears that I’m all set now.  I couldn’t have figured all that out without you. Thanks again,
~Julie Smith, Independence, MO

Hey Everyone!
I’ve been meaning to send this email for a long time now.  Back in September when Joe and I got out new house we went with a new insurance agency Beacon Point Insurance Group.  It’s through my friend Travis Gensler.  In our old house we had State Farm, which at the time seemed to be the best buy (probably because I hadn’t talked to Travis and then there was the situation with “Pushy Patty”).  Anyways…  So when I said we were getting this new house Travis said well let me just take a look at what you have and see if I can get you a better deal.  Well…  he totally did.  Our cars, boat and house all better deals on coverage and price! WAY better deals.

But that’s NOT the best part…  with State Farm I got the insurance man’s lackey who was pushy and I believed pushed me into my other insurance choice.  When we were robbed and I had to go in and meet with my State Farm guy he was like “yeah yeah that’s a bad deal, you know Annie you should probably look into life insurance…”  I mean I go into talk to him about my devastation and he is pulling up pie charts trying to sell me life insurance…  needless to say I was unimpressed and instantly furious with this man…

SO back to the Best part…  Travis is the kind of guy that will compare and help you.  He will let you know what all he offers you but he NEVER pushes anything on you or makes you feel uncomfortable.  I mean maybe I just got a crappy guy last time and that never happens to anyone else…  But I never dread having to talk to Travis, and I can always ask him questions by email don’t have to be sucked in to the office aka a web that I get stuck in being told about all the stuff I don’t have but need!

So something to think about.  I mean in this day in age were all looking to find the best bang for our buck.  Well we are anyways, and I really feel that I’ve found it with Travis.  You guys should all look into it, you might be surprised he might just be able to save you money or get better coverage.  Please rest assure that I would never refer any of you to someone that will solicit you or harass you because I myself hate people like that!
 ~Annie T. Lee’s Summit, MO