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It's Bigger than Just Insurance!

For far too long, the insurance industry has only offered you a choice of just two risk management strategies:

1) Transfer the Risk (You buy insurance)


2) Retain the Risk (You don't buy the insurance and pay for it out of pocket if something goes wrong).

The unfortunate part of this is even some of the insurance agents (salespersons) don't even understand this.  We believe there is a third option that fits right in the middle

3) Avoid or reduce your risk.

Sounds like a no brainer huh?  It does, however, the issue occurs when you don't even know there is a risk.  If you don't know there is a risk, how can you avoid, reduce or transfer it?

This is where our Beacon24™ diagnostic process comes in.  We have broken the process into Six different core areas to focus on. Each one able to stand on their own, yet most effective when coordinated together.

6 Beacons

Each core beacon starts with the first step...

  1. Consult -just like a doctor talking to you for the first time when you are sick, we also have to learn about your situation and concerns.
  2. Diagnose - we take the information we receive from you and determine your illness that needs to be treated, in our case your risk that needs attention
  3. Plan of Treatment - this stage has many parts starting with the following questions:
    1. Can the risk be avoided or reduced?
    2. Can the financial impact of the risk be retained, if not at what level will it be too much to handle?
    3. Can the financial impact of the risk be transferred to an insurance company?
  4. Monitor the Plan - This is the implementation of the plan and ongoing monitoring of it to maintain effectiveness.
4 step process

P.S. Did you notice that insurance was not a part of the process until step 3 part 3?

Insurance is a tool to help transfer the financial impact of risk that would financially destroy you.

The TRUTH IS that insurance is not the answer to every question, unlike many insurance salespeople would like to believe. Not to mention all the things insurance won't cover.

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