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Offering group health insurance to your employees now makes more sense than ever due to the high demand for the employer-provided benefit.  Affordable health insurance ranked first in a recent survey asking employees which benefits would entice them to stay at their current job.   With health insurance premiums continuing to rise, the benefit of having access to affordable health insurance keeps the good employees working for you.

Pricing for group health plans varies based on specific circumstances, however, there are many strategies that a small business can deploy to not only provide that valued benefit to their employees but also contain the cost of that health care to improve the bottom line.

Small Business Group Health Insurance Companies in Missouri and Kansas

  • Aetna (Coventry)
  • Allied National
  • Ameritas
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield Anthem
  • Cigna
  • Humana
  • National General
  • Principal
  • Starmark / Trustmark
  • United Healthcare
  • VSP

How does small business health insurance work?

There are four items that each small business owner should know about how small business health insurance works

  1. In most cases, coverage is generally guaranteed issue
  2. You may qualify with as little as one full-time employee
  3. Your business can apply for coverage at any time of the year
  4. We are here to help guide you through the maze of options available

How much does small business health insurance cost?

Obtaining a small business health insurance plan can be more affordable than buying coverage by yourself through in many cases

Our experience over the past several years for a group of 5 cost around $300 per person on average. The health premiums in most cases are either paid for by the employer if they have the capacity or split between the employer and employees.

How do I get small business health insurance?

If you are in the market for a small business health insurance plan, there are three things you should know about getting some employee benefit proposals.

  1. Working with an independent broker like the insurance advisors at Beacon Point Insurance can simplify the process from start to finish.
  2. The initial “quote” that most insurance agents provide are subject to change
  3. Not all companies offer plans available to all businesses, so just filling a form out online might not give you the best value.

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