Riding the Little Blue Trace Walking Trail in Independence Missouri

Sitting right here in my basement looking out the window at the rain / ice falling from the sky makes me miss the better weather when I could get out and leave tracks on the Little Blue Trace Trail on the east side of Independence, Missouri. If you have not explored the Blue Trace, I highly suggest you take a day, put on your walking, running shoes or grab your bike and heads on over.  This trail, is mostly limestone aggregate with some partially paved sections of trail, running along side the Little Blue River for about 15 miles.

The south side of the trail gets most of the action most of the time because it winds through the more developed area of 40 Highway and I-70 on over to Lees Summit Road, but don’t let that hold you back, because there is plenty of room for everyone.

The trail has benches, excellent picnic and bathroom areas along the way and for those of you concerned about safety, there are several emergency call buttons should you need help.  There are several areas along the trail where you can park so just hop on google and look for the parking locations in Independence, Missouri for the Little Blue Trace Trail.

Traveling through out the trail you will enter all kinds of out door terrain, from open plains next to the little blue river, right into a fully wooded trail where the trees create a beautiful canopy shading you from the days sun. One of my favorite parts of riding my mountain bike down the trail, is that as you wind in and out of the curves, in and out of the woods, as you roll past the river, the refreshing breeze that rolls over you from the water of the river rolling by.  This trial is truly one of the best things about living in Independence, Missouri.

When Jackson County agreed to build the trail, I knew this was a good thing for the City of Independence. It has been amazing watching the citizens of Independence, Missouri become more active outdoors.  Now you can see flocks of cyclist rolling down, couples walking hand and hand and kids riding their bikes, getting back to nature is a beautiful site.

Jackson County has vowed that the trail will continue to grow with a partnership with the City of Kansas City to complete a one mile extension to cross over into the city limits of Kansas City. Long-term vision is to extend the Little Blue Trace into the spine of what will become a metropolitan-wide trail system that extends over to Longview Lake and a total of more than 26 miles of multi-use trail.

On November 9th, the Kansas City Parks hosted a ribbon cutting to celebrate the one-mile extension in Little Blue Valley Park. The trail which connects Kansas City, Missouri’s Little Blue Valley Park, Raytown’s Little Blue Trace Park, and George Road south of Blue Parkway is in partnership with Jackson County Parks and Rec.

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