The 18th & Vine Jazz District Waits For You In Kansas City!

The 18th & Vine Jazz District is a unique and historic place full of culture and entertainment for you to enjoy in your next trip to Kansas City, Missouri. The Jazz District Redevelopment Corporation is fully committed to create an incredible experience for everyone who lives, works at, or visits the district. So far, they have succeeded while still preserving the neighborhood’s history and the legacy of African American traditions in Kansas City.

At the 18th & Vine Jazz District you’ll find delicious and quality dining, museums, culture, local businesses and more. Everything that the district has to offer makes it a great place for you and your family and friends to have an amazing and memorable time during your stay in Kansas City.

The area is historic because African-American locals began settling in the district in the late 1800s and by the 1920s it was thriving as a commercial, residential, and entertainment center in town. The area is also rich in jazz history and it heard the sounds of musicians that would go on to become jazz legends recognized around the world, such as Charlie “Bird” Parker, Bennie Moten, Count Basie, Big Joe Turner, and George and Julia Lee. This is what the Jazz District Redevelopment Corporation has worked so hard to preserve and enhance.

The 18th & Vine Jazz District is THE place to visit because you’ll find two of the biggest attractions in town, the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum, which we’ve covered in a separate article, and the American Jazz Museum.

Permanent exhibitions are a part of what you can experience in the American Jazz Museum and their objective is to bring to life American jazz for all those who visit. These exhibitions include listening stations, touch screen interactives, artifacts and graphics displays along with artwork that presents the art form that is jazz music and it makes it accessible for people of all ages and musical backgrounds.

You’ll be able to see incredible photograph collections, sheet musics and posters from jazz’s golden age. Among the historic artifacts you’ll be able to admire legendary Charlie Parker’s Grafton saxophone, which was donated to the museum by former President Bill Clinton, and one of the iconic sequined gowns that Ella Fitzgerald is known for wearing.

Inside the museum you’ll also find the Blue Room, a jazz club that doesn’t sleep! In fact, if jazz is one of your talents and you have an instrument, you’re more than welcome to join the musicians for a little jam session. After all, that’s what jazz is all about! The Blue Room really keeps jazz alive in its purest form, so I recommend you don’t miss out on this experience.

You’ll find the 18th & Vine Jazz District at 1616 East 18th Street in Kansas City, Missouri. Museum hours are from Tuesday to Saturday from 9 A.M. to 6 P.M. and Sundays from noon to 6 P.M. If you need any further information, dial (816) 474 8463 to plan your visit.

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