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There are many ways to take care of your eyesight.

One of the easiest and most effective? Getting vision insurance.

Vision insurance allows you to take charge of your health. Your policy will cover eye exams, glasses, contacts, and even corrective surgeries.

There are many vision insurance plans out there. Allow Beacon Point to help you find the VSP plan that’s right for you!

Our company uses its expertise to make sure you get the best deal. Contact us today to get started!

Who We Serve

Here at Beacon Point, we offer many different VSP plans to suit our variety of customers. Our services cater to people of all ages and walks of life. So, whatever your vision coverage needs may be, we are ready to help!

One of our most popular is individual coverage. These VSP plans are great for those who don’t receive benefits through the company where they work. Those who commonly take advantage of our individual VSP coverage include:

  • Retirees
  • Those who work part-time
  • Those who are self-employed
  • Individuals who are in-between jobs

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Aside from individual coverage, we also offer employer coverage.

It’s common for a company to provide its employees with vision insurance. These types of benefits help show appreciation to employees and invest in their health.

Are you a company that wants to offer vision benefits to its employees? Are you an employee looking to enroll in a VSP plan through your job? If so, contact Beacon Point today to get started!

Which Vision Insurance Is the Best?

Here at Beacon Point, we write coverage exclusively through Vision Service Plan (VSP).

VSP is a top vision insurance company in the U.S. It has served over 88 million people around the world and is one of the largest providers of vision plans in the country.

Individuals and businesses across the country have benefited from VSP’s plans. They are affordable and comprehensive, providing the coverage people need. VSP plans are also customizable and cater to individuals whatever their needs may be.

Throughout the years, we’ve seen the positive impact this provider has had on our customers. Their exceptional benefits are why we continue to write coverage exclusively through VSP.

Beacon Point is ready to help you find reliable vision insurance through VSP. Our agents will match you with a plan that fits your needs at an excellent price!

Why Get Vision Insurance?

There are many reasons you should get VSP vision insurance. Some of the most compelling include:

You’ll Protect Your Eye Health

Even if your eyes are the pinnacle of health, you should receive routine eye care services.

Regular eye exams make sure that everything is working as it should be. While not required, most professionals recommend you see an eye doctor every year or two.

During a routine eye exam, doctors can spot vision problems you might not have even realized you had. They’ll provide you with solutions such as glasses, contacts, or other products to help you live more comfortably.

These routine exams also allow doctors to diagnose severe medical conditions such as:

  • Cataracts
  • Diabetes
  • Glaucoma
  • Cancer

By catching these conditions early on, doctors can intervene early and provide you with the appropriate treatment. VSP coverage guarantees comprehensive eye care, so you can protect your vision for years to come.

You’ll Save Money

Unfortunately, eye care can get expensive if you are paying out-of-pocket. Routine visits, glasses, contact lenses, and other expenses quickly accumulate.

With a VSP vision insurance plan, you can cut down on vision care costs. You won’t pay as much out-of-pocket, meaning you can continue to receive affordable, quality care.

Plus, when you get a vision plan, you’ll have access to many vision benefits. You can receive significant discounts on eyewear and even LASIK. Contact Beacon Point today to find out how much VSP can save you on vision coverage.

You’ll Receive A Personalized Plan

Many people assume that their health plan covers vision care.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. Your health insurance only covers regular health care (which major ocular problems). But, it won’t pay for glasses, routine eye care visits, etc.

For most eye care coverage, you’ll need vision insurance. Beacon Point will help you find a VSP policy at an amazingly low price! Plus, we work with you to customize your plan. This bespoke approach ensures you get the most out of your VSP benefits.

What Does Vision Insurance Cover?

So, what exactly does VSP vision insurance cover?

It depends on what VSP plan you have and your unique circumstances. Typically, a policy will cover:

  • Basic preventative care services (vision tests, routine exams, etc.)
  • Eyeglass and contact lenses
  • Lens protection (scratch-resistant coating, etc.)
  • Frames

Many VSP plans also have additional coverage. These options include coverage for disposable contacts, discounts on corrective surgeries, etc.

You may even be able to have your VSP plan cover non-prescription sunglasses. This kind of glasses insurance covers non-prescription lenses because you may need them after eye surgery.

To find out what benefits your chosen VSP plan offers, contact Beacon Point today!

How Much Is VSP Vision Insurance?

So, how much is an annual VSP plan?

The cost will depend on factors such as the kind of coverage you want, where you live, your network, and your age.

With most VSP plans, you’ll pay a monthly premium and part of the cost for visits, glasses, etc. The higher your monthly premium, the less you’ll have to pay out-of-pocket.

If you want to add dependents or close family members, the cost also may increase. But, you also may qualify for a discount with military or veteran status. Find out your options by contacting clicking here today!

Is VSP Vision Insurance Worth It?

People don’t bother getting vision insurance for many reasons.

They may assume their regular health plan covers it, or they may think it’s too expensive. Others think they just don’t need to prioritize vision care.

These presumptions couldn’t be further from the truth. Everyone can benefit from vision insurance.

Vision insurance plans keep your eyes healthy. They allow you to receive routine care and catch problems before they become significant issues.

VSP vision plans also help you save money. Through your premium, you’ll get access to discounts on eye care. It will end up being much cheaper than paying out-of-pocket.

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Vision plans often take the backseat when it comes to insurance.

But, getting a vision plan will help you in the long run. A policy will protect your sight and help you see big savings.

For reliable, affordable VSP insurance, contact Beacon Point Today! Our services help individuals and businesses find the best plans for their unique needs.

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