Visit The Arrowhead Stadium In Kansas City, Missouri!

Football fans simply can’t come to Kansas City, Missouri and not spend a day visiting the Arrowhead Stadium or try to catch a game. This is the home of the Kansas City Chiefs of the NFL, it’s part of the Truman Sports Complex and it’s close to the Kauffman Stadium which we’ve covered in a separate article and we invite you to check it out.

The Arrowhead Stadium is one of the top 28 largest stadiums in the United States and it’s the 6th largest stadium in the NFL. The Arrowhead came to life for the 1972 football season and the first game ever held on the stadium was a victory over the St. Louis Cardinals. This stadium was also the first one to start using arrows on the yard markers to indicate the goal line and the rest of the NFL stadiums followed suit.

The Arrowhead Stadium celebrates the Kansas City Chiefs’ history and the latest expansion brought the Founder’s Plaza, the Founder’s Club, the Chiefs Hall of Honor, the Chiefs Team Store and the Horizon Level. Tours of the stadium are available all year round every Friday and Saturday. These guided tours last around 90 minutes and they include access to the locker room, the field, the Chiefs Hall of Honor and the Scout Investments Club Level.

The ideal scenario is to catch a Kansas City Chiefs game, so make sure you check their schedule. But if you don’t have any luck, a tour can be just as fun and you can admire this amazing stadium and see where the magic of American football takes place in Kansas City Missouri.

Visitors claim that even if someone is not a big football fan, they will still find a Kansas City Chiefs game in the Arrowhead exciting and super entertaining. The football game brings everyone together and it’s really easy to feel like you’re part of the community when you’re sharing the space with such welcoming and happy Kansas Citians. There’s also a parking lot party at every game, so you’ll be able to mix in with the locals and make some new friends. Just make sure you get there at least three hours before the game and be patient!

If you don’t want to crash anyone’s barbecue, the Arrowhead Stadium offers delicious food and refreshing drinks so you won’t go hungry during the game. The Arrowhead Stadium is also a venue for major concerts. For example, Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran will be performing there this year in September and October, respectively. If you’re interested in going, make sure you get your tickets so you can enjoy the Arrowhead Stadium in a completely different style.

The Arrowhead Stadium is definitely the place to go if you want to experience a bit of Kansas City’s spirit by sharing the American passion for football. You’ll find the Arrowhead Stadium at One Arrowhead Dr in Kansas City, Missouri. Call them at (816) 920 9300 to find all the information you need to plan your visit.

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