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About us

Beacon Point Story

Imagine a business world where people always said what they meant and were honest and forthright with their clients.  Beacon Point emerged as a business idea in the mind of President, Travis Gensler as he navigated the insurance world and found that working for one captive company didn’t allow him to provide honest options for clients.  He felt he was forcing clients into a box that wouldn’t necessarily meet all their insurance or risk management needs.

Out of that experience, Travis decided that he wanted to create a company that would be led by a moral compass to do what is right.  He imagined a company that could be a beacon of light shining out in the darkness and pointing people in the right direction by addressing their needs instead of just selling a product.  His mission became providing honest, educated opportunities for people to cover the things they care about.

That idea sparked the beginning of what is Beacon Point today: a company with a moral compass to do what’s right by taking the time to learn about our clients and their needs.  We believe in protection through educating people on their options so they can have a customized insurance program where they make the decisions about what is covered.  We truly try to find a custom solution for each client because no two people are the same and no insurance programs should be the same.

We see the difference that having the right protection can make in someone’s life. 

It provides more than just security; it ensures that things will go right when things go wrong.

Team Work

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